Physician Practice Management

As previously stated, Advance Medical Consulting is not only committed to grooming people into skilled coders and billers. We are  also committed to providing services as physician practice management to private hospitals and physicians in hospitals. This singular burden eases the burden of non-clinical activities off the neck of physicians whilst allowing them to focus on their clinical duties in order to provide optimal patience experience. Physician management practice covers the scope of ensuring proper management of inflow and outflow of funds; compliance with basic rules on health care practices; proper management of staff payroll; auditing; coding; billing and lots more!

Compliance Plan

One of the core services that AMCC will be carrying out if employed to work in your hospital is that of greeting a system of checks and balances where the basic loopholes in the system of operation can be easily discovered with the needed action taken to address the same. There are basic rules that guide the practices of private health care providers which if violated can translate to an abuse of what such health care set ups are for. This is the reason why it is very important to have a working compliance plan for health care providers. AMCC will do enough justice to ensure that your health care company is strictly following the rules.

Risk Management

It is no doubt that everything we see in life has a risk attached to it. Therefore, for any business that sees itself thrive, there must be a system of proper risk basement put in place so as to be able to silty identify, address and properly prepare against and towards it to ensure that everything is fully under control. This is simply what AMCC aims to carry out in every organisation that entrusts her with the responsibility of physician practice management. If you have been considering entrusting the non-clinical sect of your work to some really skilled professionals, then, AMCC is just all you need.


AMCC offers excellent consultation for hospitals. We are dedicated to offering varieties of services to clients to help them attain sustainable growth. The Healthcare industry is complicated, and our mission is to help you overcome obstacles in innovative ways. In fact, we will be there to support you in every phase of the process.
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